Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Free Days

They don't come very often. And when they do, they don't seem very free. There's always laundry to be done, picking up, cleaning, paint touch-ups, errands( Wal-Mart again??). The list goes on and on! Wednesdays are my day off during the week. I have to mention here that my job schedule is very nice and convenient. I work Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Some Mondays and Tuesdays I don't have to be in until 1:00. So I'm not complaining! But Wednesdays seem to come and go so quickly!

THIS Wednesday, however, seems to be going slow( which again, I'm not complaining!) I assume this change of pace is for a few reasons. Chris is gone to NJ for his job until Friday (frown) and when I went to give him a hug this morning, something went wrong in my neck. So needless to say, this Wednesday has been free from the laundry, cleaning, cutting grass, etc! I can barely move my neck without pain. So maybe next time, when I feel like there are a million things to be done, I won't be saying "I have no free time!"

On a happier note....WE GOT THE HOUSE!!!!!!!! Finally! Some answers! And boy are we excited! I had already mentally moved in but there was a part of me that had halted on "designing" the house. Now, I'm full throttle. Most of the paint colors have been chosen, we had already picked out kitchen cabinets, master bath vanities/tile/BUBBLE MASSAGE TUB :)/ sinks..but now we know it's ACTUALLY going to happen!

Next item on the list is to SELL our current house. We'll find out this weekend if someone is g
oing to put a contract on it. (Crossing our fingers) Meantime, I'm piddling around on my "free" Wednesday packing up things here and there. To be quite honest, Free Days will be non-existent for the next few months and I am SO happy about that :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Catch

I just wanted to wish my husband a VERY happy birthday. Here are a few reasons I love him so much.

*He is awesome.
*He does so much for me without complaining.
*He's a hard worker(and that is understated).
*He gives.
*He stops on the side of the road to help people even if it means we have to go back 5-10 miles before we can turn around on the interstate( or in the middle of a busy intersection in Richmond!)
*He never seems to be able to go anywhere without someone needed his help and expertise(which seems to be in everything!) Yet he never complains.
*He's my best friend.
*He knows how to do everything!
***And most importantly, he puts God first and me second. And for that, we have been blessed beyond measure.

I am so blessed to have had these past 7 wonderful years with him...and counting:) I love you, baby. I always try to thank you for everything you do but I'm sure sometimes it goes unnoticed. So, Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

I hate to brag, but I've got the best catch ever. Sorry, ladies.