Friday, July 19, 2013

Fashion Friday- Fall Edition

Hi folks!
It's FRIDAY! But even better, Fashion Friday. Woohoo!
I have to dedicate this Fashion Friday to one of my favorite companies, Stella & Dot. I signed up in March and it has been such a fun, rewarding, and pleasant experience! I have interacted and met so many awesome women through Stella & Dot. Whether it be at team meetings or through the trunk shows I've held in people's homes, I have met so many great women.
I want to highlight that today is our FALL LAUNCH. It is, by far, my favorite collection yet.
So, for today, I want to look at all of the trends for Fall. I love it all but here are my favorites:
Allegra Necklace with Valor Studs

I love the delicate Ivie Bangle and Drops Collection shown above.

The Peacock Collection is gorgeous. I LOVE how the earrings can go from Chandelier to stud! SO versatile. There is also a Peacock Statement Necklace to match.  
Union Square Scarf- Midnight Bloom
Madison Tech Bag in Poppy. My favorite bag. The color, the structure, the pattern inside, and the versatile change in the look of the bag with the zip up option on the sides. This is the PERFECT Summer to Fall bag.

  The Frida Pouf and scarf are a finishing touch to the Madison Tech Bag.


Bold Statement Necklace Right? YES! But it is 3 separate necklaces. Somervell, Christina Link, and Mae together make such a great statement look but wearing each individually allows you to get lots of wear out of them in many different ways.
We have so many other great pieces on our website so go to to browse the entire collection. Love everything?? Ask me about hosting a show online! It's super easy and you get rewarded with your favorite free jewels and bags! Email me at if you're interested in hosting an online trunk show.
Happy Friday. Hope it's full of great fashion ;)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

My love for design.

If I could choose a dream job, it would be design. I would build and design houses and rooms all day long and LOVE it. Colors, design, shapes, structure, textures. Dream. Job.

Chris and I have been very fortunate to be able to buy and remodel 2 homes. With each house and project, we learn more about what we love and don't love. I'm very thankful to have a super , handy-dandy husband who, literally, knows how to do everything. He's a winner.

We used to spend hours...and hours...and HOURS watching HGTV. It was on our TV non-stop. Since we had Mason, it doesn't come on as much but tonight we turned it on and watched it for a few hours. Oh...I have an itch. We've done remodels. I'm ready to build. I would LOVE to start with a clean canvas. Can you imagine a shopping trip to HomeGoods?? Picking out vases, pillows, rugs, and d├ęcor to mold every room around? That would be a dream day for me. One day.... :)

For now, I'll settle for HGTV giving me my fill of design until 12am.

Goodnight, ya'll!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Fashion Friday- How High-Low Can You Go?

Hi ya'll!
I've decided to do a post on Fridays involving Fashion. Favorite trends, colors I'm wearing, Fashion inspiration, etc! I.Love.Fashion. So follow along and post your favorites too!
High-Low Trend.
Are you a yay or nay sayer? I think YAY. I love it! It's so cute. Whether it's an extreme high-low or barely noticeable, I'm loving this fashion trend right now. My husband just got back from a work trip to California and saw me wearing one of my favorite high-low pieces and he said "That's what all the girls in California were wearing. You're on the wrong coast." Haha. (Side-note. One thing I love about my husband is he is a manly-man who notices fashion and what I wear. Now sometimes it's "Where'd you get that?" aka "You bought something else?" but most of the time he notices what I wear, how I wear it, and makes really cute comments about it.)
Below are two pieces from Target I've recently bought.

Seahorse Sundress
Here I am wearing it with Mason and McKayla
celebrating McKayla's 11th birthday!



A weekend in Charleston with my cousins!

I LOVE my seahorse dress. I wear it with my Sunset Beach Charm Necklace and my Brown and Gold studded gladiator sandals. It's my ideal beachy outfit!

The Coral eyelet top is breezy and I love the pop of color it gives against white.

What summer trends are you loving?