Friday, July 12, 2013

Fashion Friday- How High-Low Can You Go?

Hi ya'll!
I've decided to do a post on Fridays involving Fashion. Favorite trends, colors I'm wearing, Fashion inspiration, etc! I.Love.Fashion. So follow along and post your favorites too!
High-Low Trend.
Are you a yay or nay sayer? I think YAY. I love it! It's so cute. Whether it's an extreme high-low or barely noticeable, I'm loving this fashion trend right now. My husband just got back from a work trip to California and saw me wearing one of my favorite high-low pieces and he said "That's what all the girls in California were wearing. You're on the wrong coast." Haha. (Side-note. One thing I love about my husband is he is a manly-man who notices fashion and what I wear. Now sometimes it's "Where'd you get that?" aka "You bought something else?" but most of the time he notices what I wear, how I wear it, and makes really cute comments about it.)
Below are two pieces from Target I've recently bought.

Seahorse Sundress
Here I am wearing it with Mason and McKayla
celebrating McKayla's 11th birthday!



A weekend in Charleston with my cousins!

I LOVE my seahorse dress. I wear it with my Sunset Beach Charm Necklace and my Brown and Gold studded gladiator sandals. It's my ideal beachy outfit!

The Coral eyelet top is breezy and I love the pop of color it gives against white.

What summer trends are you loving?


  1. I love that dress it looks so good on you! I am all about the comfy hehehe you already knew that though.

  2. That dress is seriously my fave thing you have right now. I LOVE it!! The top is pretty too :) I am loving high-low!